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Regarding arms exports, despite their common military projects (such as the Future Combat Air System - FCAS), and their recent Treaty of Franco-German Co-operation and Integration (called “Aachen Treaty”) France

On January 8, the European commission announced that it agreed to examine the joint request by France and Germany for the acquisition of Chantiers de l'Atlantique (previsouly called “STX France”)

On December 19th, US president Donald Trump made a move that took almost everybody, including members of his own administration, off guard. In a series of tweets, he ordered a

100 years after the First World War and nearly 70 years after NATO’s birth, the world, and Europe in particular, are facing new threats (cyber, drones, nuclear), in geopolitically challenging

The Council for Foreign Affairs (Nov 19th) approved 17 new projects within the PESCO Framework. What is PESCO ? What are the projects? What about third States’ participation ?

On 13th November, the EU Trade Commissioner Cecila Malmström delivered a speech in Washington on global common challenges with the United States in the context of investigations and safeguard measures

Time passing, and more and more little shiny details come to the surface about the biased procedure by which the tender was awarded to Lockheed Martin for the new Belgian fighter

It was announced in the past ten days that the German shipbuilder TKMS, a member of the ThyssenKrupp group, had signed a major contract with Egypt for the sale of

Last week, on a French radio station, French President Emmanuel Macron spoke about the need to create a "real European army" to handle the Russian threat and to emancipate Europe

At a time when the UK is leaving the UE and the U.S.A threatening to loosen, if not untie, the NATO links on the ground of poor financing by the

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